Danielle + Brice | Wedding at Lakeside Ranch in Helena, MT {10.14.17}

We were so excited to have the opportunity to shoot our second wedding at the Lakeside Ranch. With its breathtaking views of Hauser lake, it is one of the most beautiful venues in Helena. What truly makes it of our favorites though, is Helen. Helen is the owner and caretaker of the Ranch and is SO great to work with! She is so much fun and incredibly easy going. She is constantly checking on everyone (vendors included) making sure they are doing okay and offering to help (she saved our butts with some extension cords when we forgot ours!). It’s such a joy for us to work with such wonderful vendors who love on our couples just as much as we do!

The fall colors gave the perfect backdrop to Brice and Danielle’s unique wedding. If we had to describe their style we would say it was a mix of antique glamour (think rich gold tones, bouquets of gold and black brooches) with a much darker side (think skeletons, dramatic lights, The Nightmare Before Christmas). You’re probably thinking...how do those go together?!? Well, they did it in a way that only Danielle and Brice could and it was AMAZING.

Danielle and Brice are one of our favorite couples. From our first get together over beer, we hit the ground running (and laughing!). Danielle loves to laugh and has a heart of gold while Brice is a bit more reserved (until Jason and he get together) but still just as fun. From the gorgeous unique decorations, to the unbelievable desert bar, this wedding was a PERFECT reflection of them.

Danielle + Brice you two are a blast! We love watching the love that you share and the light you are to this world.

Ceremony/Reception: Lakeside Ranch
Wedding Dress: Step N' Out 
Tux: The Black Tux
Catering: Atomic Cafe
Dessert Bar: Vanilla Bean Bakery
DJ : DJ MagicMan

Britt + Nate | Wedding at Sacajawea Hotel in Three Forks, MT {09.22.17}

They say rain is good luck on the wedding day. If this holds true, Britt and Nate will have a lifetime of good fortune!

This Montana September morning began with light flurries of snow followed by freezing rain. By the time we all arrived at Sacajawea Hotel however, the clouds began to part  and the sun desperately tried to make itself known.

The Sacajewea Hotel played the perfect host to Bitt and Nate’s classic style. Built in 1910, the Hotel boasts stunning pillars and a porch to die for. From the handmade boutonnieres (Groom +1!), to the bouquet filled with feathers from a pheasant that Nate harvested...this wedding was filled with the most impressive, personal touches. And of course, Britt looked as stunning as EVER. Hair pulled back, a beautiful sweetheart neckline, and a smile that kept the rain at bay (yay!).

The day was effortlessly perfect and included a surprise parade just before the ceremony. However, not to be outdone by a small town parade, Nate surprised EVERYONE by giving a beautiful toast to his new bride and giving her a special gift. Inside that gift? Tickets for a week in Italy, just a few short days after the wedding! A dream trip for the both of them...the room was ecstatic!

Britt and Nate, the love you two share is special. The way you look at each other...it’s the way we hope to look at each other the rest of our lives, We love you both and wish you all the blessings!

Venue: Sacajawea Hotel
Catering: Pompeys Grill


Morgan + Caleb | Wedding in Madison Valley, MT {09.01.17}

September in Madison Valley, MT.  It’s a bit of a gamble - You could have rain, you could have snow, who knows! However, albeit a bit of smoke (dang fire season), the weather was absolutely PERFECT. Great temperature and scenic views, coupled with some of our favorite people in the world...it couldn’t have been better.

We’ve known Caleb for quite awhile. We first met him when he was a quiet, reserved 16 year old. Caleb was one of the first students in our little youth group in Helena. Since then, we have grown much closer and consider Caleb one of our very best friends...family. We’ve always joked about Caleb being one of our “kids” and it has been so fun to watch him grown and work so hard to get to where he is today. Marriage is a big step, if not the biggest step in most of our lives. When he first told us he and Morgan were taking this step, we couldn’t be more proud. Morgan is an absolute gem. She is so beautiful, full of humility, and has one of the biggest hearts. She is so full of life and love. And, she’s able to put up with Caleb. :)

It’s no mystery that we love shooting weddings. However, capturing weddings for those we love and do life with is the ultimate joy for us. The wedding was filled with a community we have loved and been apart of for years - the officiant, DJ, wedding party, and guests. There was so much laughter and joy all day long and it went long through the night.

Caleb + Morgan -  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us be a part of your perfect day! We love you guys more than you know!!

Ceremony/Reception: Sunwest Ranch
Wedding Dress: BHLDN
DJ : Dead Dinosaur Productions

Shanley + Austin | Backyard Wedding Helena, MT {06.03.17}

Shanley and Austin have a unique love, it’s a kind of love you don’t see everyday! When we first met them they told us they weren’t technically engaged...you could imagine our surprise!

You see, even without an official proposal, they just knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. Jason couldn't be more excited as meant we got to be apart of the proposal too! So on a snowy Super Bowl Sunday Jason hid behind a pile of wood and waited. Austin told Shanley they were going target shooting, and as she was getting sighted in, he made his move. He got down on one knee and asked the question that they and all their family already knew the answer too. :)

Their wedding day was absolutely perfect. The sun shining warmly as we walked into the picturesque church. As we approached the girls room we were greeted by the sounds of giggling and excitement. The bridesmaids were some of the kindest girls ever. It was apparent to anyone who came in contact with them that day how much they all loved and adored Shanley. When a button went missing from her dress the girls rallied and within an hour the dry cleaner was there sewing on the missing button. The guys were no different, ok maybe a little less giggling. But the love for Austin was apparent.

If we could describe the theme of the day it would be “we’re all family”. By the end of the day we truly both felt like family. Maybe it was the fact that the church was Austin’s childhood church, or the fact that the reception was held in Austin’s parents beautiful backyard, but we believe it was because of the people. The kind of welcoming spirit and a joy that pulls you in, the kind of people you would be lucky enough to call family.

Shanley and Austin, we are so happy for you both and so blessed to have been apart of such a beautiful day!

Finley Jo

Our 2016 couldn't have ended any better. On Wednesday, December 28th, Finley emancipated the womb and joined our perfect little family. Both Mom and her are doing fantastic and are healthy as ever. 

One of our favorite parts of this transition has been watching Brecken (4) grow into the wonderful big brother he is today. The level of tenderness and compassion he exudes is so genuine and beautiful. Excited to see what the many years ahead bring between them both!

To our friends and family: Thank You. Thank you for the continued thoughts, prayers and support. Thank you for your servant hearts, whether that be providing meals or watching Breck for a bit...there are no words to express our gratitude. 

It truly takes a village and we couldn't do it without you all.

The deats:

→ Finley Joelle O’Neil
→ Wednesday, December 28th at 6:18 p.m.
→ 7 lbs 4 oz
→ 18 1/4 inches
→ Brown hair (LOTS of it)
→ Blue eyes

Much love, 

The O'Neils